About the owner, Peggy Fry

I am a motivated hairdresser always seeking the best.  Whether it’s a new styling technique, tool, product, color, or permanent texture changes.  Going to hair shows and doing hands on class work is where I keep my skill levels up to par with the industry.  

My most memorable moment in hairdressing would be when I had the opportunity to take classes from the infamous Nick Arrojo, from the TLC show, “What Not To Wear”.  

I have taught in private cosmetology schools and have also substituted in public vo-tech schools of cosmetology.  This salon will be my 4th and final salon.  My first salon was on Mill Street, where I started out at 24.  I stayed there for 6 years before moving on to Bloom Road where I wanted to expand, hire additional people to bring more variety into the salon.  After 6 more years, I decided that it was a lot of unnecessary headaches I was imposing on myself.  I sold the building and went back to renting a small place where I could concentrate on bringing my best to my customers, giving them personalized attention.  An additional 9 years have gone by.  The last 3+years have been spent renovating my current salon, while simultaneously keeping up with my business at 239 Rooney Avenue.  It has truly been a long haul with many ups and downs and tear filled days at times.  But the end result is a beautiful, one of a kind building that has never been seen before in this area.  I am very proud of the salon and hope you will like and appreciate coming in and getting your services done just as much as I will be enjoying doing them.  This will be my last and final jaunt down this road of moving my salon.  This is where my story will finish up at.  So come join me in a truly unique salon experience, with one on one servicing.  Let me introduce you to a new brand of products, Tryanglez Salon, The Signature Line, and be part of my interpretation of what customer service should be everywhere.  I look forward to seeing you!



Nick Arrojo & Me!